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Leica 發表新一代的立體顯微鏡 ( Greenough ) S9 系列 ...


S9 E for analog inspections

S9 D
with documentation port

S9 i
with integrated camera for digital image sharing

with 80x magnification for easy screening and sorting

從光學解析的提高, 到實用性的設計,  主要述求於使用效率的提升.

FusionOptics technology with 12 mm depth of field to find details fast

High magnification up to 55x and 9:1 zoom for quick changes from overview to details

122 mm working distance for easy sample manipulations under the microscope

Integrated, network-camera for easy image sharing

Apochromatically corrected optics to reduce color fringes

S APO unique Greenough Stereo Microscope with high magnification power

The Greenough stereo microscope, S APO with apochromatic 8:1 zoom and high magnification up to 80x is ideal for quality control, cell sorting, and microinjection applications.

With 75 mm working distance it provides easy access to the sample. An ergonomic viewing angle of 38 degrees allows comfortable posture, which helps to increase productivity and reduce fatigue related inspection errors. Adjustable zoom stops allow fast, easy, repeatable measurements and inspections. 

The integrated documentation port allows connection of a digital camera


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