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Superresolution Technology and Application
LEICA 網站開闢了一個相當不錯的近代超解析顯微鏡技術, 理論, 應用. 涵蓋了許多當今的最新技術與儀器. 頗值得深入研讀.

本公司也會在此網頁上, 陸續鋪設相關影像技術, 涵蓋中英文資料. 期待大家共襄盛舉. 讓 LEICA 超解析影像的技術花園, 繁榮茂盛.

本網頁最後的 Related Topics ( Leica Imaging Solution ) 也蒐集列舉許多的顯微鏡影像技術資料, 歡迎點閱進入 LEICA 網站.


Widefield Super-Resolution with GSDIM – an Introduction

12. Jul 2012
Great advancements in biology have been possible by using fluorescence microscopy. So far, the resolution of the images was limited due to physical constraints. In the past couple of years, new methods evolved circumventing these limitations and bringing fluorescence microscopy to a new level of resolution, boosting the possibilities in science with fluorescence microscopes. Read article

  • Tutorial
    Ground state depletion microscopy followed by individual molecule return (GSDIM) is a super-resolution technique based on single molecule localization (Localization Microscopy). To localize single molecules and create a high resolution image the ensemble of overlapping fluorophores (in a… Read article

  • Webinar
    The free online webinar on super-resolution presented by Leica Microsystems in association with Microscopy & Analysis took place on Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Register and view the webinar on demand. Read article

  • Article
    The nanoscopic technique GSDIM (ground state depletion microscopy followed by individual molecule return) provides a detailed image of the spatial arrangement of proteins and other biomolecules within the cell. There is now a first commercial system (the Leica SR GSD) on the market that is helping… Read article

  • Abstract

  • Tutorial
    STED uses a differential method of two different diffraction patterns, where one pattern excites and the second pattern de-excites fluorochromes. The residual excited area is controllable by intensity down to (theoretically) zero – unlimited resolution. Read article

  • Abstract
    16. Jun 2011 Author:
    The diffraction barrier responsible for a finite focal spot size and limited resolution in far-field fluorescence microscopy has been fundamentally broken. Read article

  • Article
    Publications using STED microscopy Read article

  • Article
    Fully understanding the functionality and complexity of the human central nervous system remains one of the major open questions in modern science. Stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED) can be the method to reveal biological nanostructures Read article

  • Article
    Synapses are the switch-points in our brain for information transmission, learning and memory. News studies and developments of imaging techniques have provided new insights into the dynamics of glutamate receptors. The use of superresolution technologies is making an essential contribution to this… Read article

  • Article
    For centuries, cell biology has been based on light microscopy and at the same time been limited by its optical resolution. However, several new technologies have been developed recently that bypass this limit. Read article

  • Article
    Scientists strive to understand the architecture of life. They want to learn how biological structures are arranged in respect to one another. Multicolor superresolution imaging allows fundamental questions to be addressed by far-field fluorescence microscopy in unprecedented detail. Read article

  • Article
    The secrets of life and the causes of many diseases can only be fully explained if we understand the functions of the smallest components of organisms. Using the super high resolution STED microscope, research scientists are now able to observe cellular proteins and molecular structures measuring… Read article

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